Toddler Saint Patrick Day Activities

When I think back to my childhood, I often think of the holidays and spending it with my loved ones. 

Well, Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and if you are reading this, you are most likely stumped thinking about what to do with your toddler to celebrate. 

Here is a list of 12 Toddler Saint Patrick Day Activities! 

Toddler Saint Patrick Day Activities 

Draw Shamrocks

I love this activity so much because it not only builds your toddler’s motor skills, but it also allows them to show their creative side as well. Get some shamrock stencils and let your toddler trace out a shamrock and then color it in! Want to have a little more fun? Have them tell you why they are lucky and add it in each clove. 

Rainbow Finger Painting 

Part of Saint Patrick’s day is the “gold at the end of the rainbow”. Time to get your smock and let your Toddler have a little fun! Get some paint and make a finger paint rainbow! Not only do they have fun, but you get a nice keepsake after.   

Shamrock Hat 

I must admit, I saw this activity and put it on my list to do with my child! All you need to make this Shamrock Hat is a paper plate, scissors, and some green paint! Have your toddler make one for you too and take some silly pictures together! 

 Shamrock Cookies 

Who doesn’t love cookies? This toddler Saint Patrick day activity is a fun way to make cookies, enjoy a snack together, and make memories! Get the ingredients for your favorite cookie, get some shamrock cookie cutters

Gold Playdough 

Warning– this one can get messy! You will be making gold, glittery playdough with your toddler….but boy will they love it! Plus, what a great way to build their motor skills! 

Take A Walk 

Want to do something to celebrate, but also want to get fresh air? Go for a walk! While out on your walk, have your child point out green things they find! Look at the trees, plants, under benches, bugs,....literally anything you can think of! Be sure to explain to them the significance behind the color green! 

Wear Green 

Looking for more toddler Saint Patrick day activities that do not cost a significant amount of money? Play dress up with your toddler and wear green! Dress as crazy as you can– whoever wears the most green wins! Then, take a picture to remember the day. 

Shamrock Stamps

Are you a creative parent/ grandparent and want to have an arts and craft day? Make a shamrock stamp! You will need some green paint, a pipe cleaner, and a clothes pin…then, time to have some fun! Once the stamps are made, have them make a card to their loved ones. 

Rainbow Pasta Necklace 

When you think of Saint Patrick’s Day, you often think about rainbows! Celebrate by making a rainbow pasta necklace. With this activity, you can practice colors, practice fine motor skills, and have fun. Plus, what an awesome homemade gift your child can make for someone special! 

Sensory Play

With this activity, you will need to get some Lucky Charms Cereal and a bin. Time to make your very own sensory bin! This is such a fun activity. You can have your toddler sort by shapes and colors; plus it is a great fine motor activity. Added bonus– YUM! 

Rainbow Slime

It is no secret that children LOVE slime! Time to make your own rainbow slime. All you need is some elmer’s clear glue, liquid laundry starch, food coloring, measuring cup, small bowl, and small plastic cups! Have fun. 

Coffee Filter Leprechaun 

This one is so cute! Use simple craft supplies to make leprechaun. All you need is some coffee filters, orange paint, glitter, construction paper, google eyes, and a clothes pin! The kids are sure to love it and you will have a keepsake throughout the years. 

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