Our founder, Swarna, entered uncharted territory as a first-time mother. It was an overwhelming experience where she had to learn everything from dressing the baby to learning safety about every product that touched her baby. Among the beautiful gifts that poured in, organic layettes were her favorite. However, she wanted something more than the earthy colors and boring designs that most organic brands carried. She quickly learned that parents must compromise on something — good design or organic fabrics. She was intrigued and decided to take on the challenge. 

In 2020, Swarna quit her corporate finance career to create her own brand. She started researching colorful and lively designs made with sustainable dyes and organic cotton fabrics. 

In the middle of this journey, Swarna learned she was pregnant with her second child. She was incubating the baby in the womb and the brand in her mind. 

Her research broadened to environmentally-friendly and ethical processes that positively impact the planet.  For example, she set a strict policy that forces manufacturers to say NO to child labor and poor working conditions. After 18 months of experimenting with various dyes, fabrics, and manufacturers, she finally found a recipe that matched her expectations. 

In 2021, Little Moy officially debuted alongside the birth of her second child — a harmonious introduction to the world for these “twins.” 

Parents can be assured of Little Moy’s quality as each of our products are mama-tested and newborn-approved. Our fabrics are known for their structural integrity and color retention after multiple washes. So, we can guarantee you’ll have the best clothing for your loved ones. 

With Little Moy, three things are certain: 

  1. Your baby will have the safest and softest clothes.  
  2. Each product is produced in an environmentally-friendly method down to the biodegradable packaging. 
  3. Fair manufacturing is a requirement — no sweatshops, child labor, or unfair wages.