About the Brand Name

'Moy' translates to 'elephant' in one of the world’s ancient languages. As parents, elephants stand out as exceptional species in nurturing and protecting the young ones; they demonstrate extraordinary love and devotion to their offspring, particularly during their formative years. Not only do elephant parents nurture every calf in their herds as if it were their own—they even adopt orphan calves. Just as elephants care for their calves exceptionally, Little Moy demonstrates the same level of devotion to baby clothing with the quality of its products and core values as a company. 

Consciously crafted with its dedication to organic cotton and sustainability, Little Moy’s logo, the baby elephant with a leaf, symbolizes playfulness and earth-friendliness. 

From Seed to Style

Little Moy sources GOTS-certified organic cotton to provide safe clothing for your little one's sensitive skin. Our manufacturers employ state-of-the-art equipment that converts organic cotton yarns into various varieties of fabrics. Every fabric is tested for structural integrity and stretch to ensure durability and comfort as your child grows. Our flagship interlock fabric is a pinnacle in breathable, flexible and comfortable clothing. Little Moy's dyeing processes guarantee safety for children and the planet while ensuring high color retention over lifetime. Our dyes are water-based and are strictly free from AZO and heavy metal. 

Thoughtfully designed with your baby and you in mind        

As a mother herself, our founder understands the challenges of dressing little ones several times a day. Each of our style is a result of a thought process and design experiments that considers baby and their parents. For example, Little Moy’s rompers and footies are designed with double zippers—letting parents unzip them rapidly and easily from both the top and bottom.

Little Moy is serious about safety of your little one. From fabrics to zippers, we carefully each material involved in the process of making our clothes.  For  example, our rompers feature a zip guard that conceals the top zipper below neck to ensure child’s safety. All of our snap closures, used in bodysuits and dresses, are free from lead and nickel that prevent allergic reactions.


With a palette ranging from vibrant hues to neutral tones, Little Moy draws aesthetic inspiration from an array of cultures around the world. Each collection is derived from nature; the fauna and flora motifs help engage children with imaginative stories. Select one-of-a-kind styles feature hand-drawn illustrations and digital techniques for distinctive, eye-catching prints. Each whimsical, colorful character on the prints will surely inspire parents to create stories about them.