Our Commitment

Little Moy lives by a set of standards that go above and beyond what’s expected in the baby clothing industry. Each of our principles embodies our “why.” Little Moy was created because there was a lack within this space, and we are here to fill it. 

We are committed to safety. 

All fabrics are 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. They’re naturally hypoallergenic and are free from formaldehyde and flame retardants. You’ll find water-based dyes that are AZO-free, metal-free, and eco-friendly — plus snap buttons and zippers that are nickel-free and lead-free. 

We are committed to the environment. 

We choose water-based, eco-friendly dyes not only because they’re gentle on your baby’s skin but because they’re also better for Mother Earth. We always use biodegradable packaging and even take it as far as a conscious reduction of plastic and paper across the company. 

We are committed to ethical sourcing and fair manufacturing practices.

Ethical sourcing is the name of the game when it comes to moving away from fast fashion and towards a conscious experience throughout the supply chain. We will consistently implement fair manufacturing practices, including no sweatshops, no child labor, and fair wages in SEDEX approved factories. 

We are committed to giving back to the community. 

A commitment to safety, the environment, and the people creating our adorable garments is only one part of what makes up a community. Little Moy will always donate a portion of its proceeds to organizations benefiting children, farmers, and the planet because that’s what makes the world go ‘round.