A Baby Registry Guide

You just got the news….you are expecting! SO much excitement and SO much to do! 

Everyone around you is so excited for you and before you know it, they are asking you for your baby registry! Wait….when am I supposed to start that? What should I put on it? There are endless baby items that are claimed as a “must have” but do you really need them? 

We understand, that making your baby registry is such an exciting time but it can also be overwhelming, especially when you are a new parent. We have compiled a list of items every baby registry needs! 

When to Start Your Registry 

Honestly, this answer is whenever it feels right for you! It is never too early to start; however, if you are looking for the average time soon-to-be parents begin to register, it would be at around 12 weeks of pregnancy. 

Must Haves On a Baby Registry 

Each parent is different, so if you do not agree with this list, then you are welcome to explore other options; but after research, these are the typical “must haves” for baby registries. 

Sleep Space 

Bassinet- When you are a tired mama, having your baby right next to you is so vital. Plus, you can sleep soundly knowing your baby is okay. 

Baby Monitor- As much as we wish our baby was never out of our sight, we cannot always be there. Having a baby monitor helps you when the baby is asleep and you are getting chores done around the house. 

Sound Machine- Want to calm a baby? A sound machine is a must have! We recommend the hatch sound machine. 

Sleep Sack- A swaddle or a sleep sack is a safe way to keep your baby warm at night. 

On The Go 

Travel System- A travel system is a great way to ensure you have not only a car seat but a stroller for your little one. 

Car Mirror- A car mirror is great to check in on a baby while driving. 

Pack And Play- A safe space to sleep on the go is needed. A pack and play is a perfect option.  



Sleeper-  A snug tight sleeper is a must have for a baby at bed time. Ours are made out of 100 percent organic cotton. 


Newborn Hat and Gloves- Babies have sharp nails and get cold easily! Be sure to have a hat and gloves for them! 

Kimono- These are so easy to put on and take off! You do not even need to put it over your baby's head.

The Not So Glamorous 

Newborn Diapers- Pampers and Huggies are great brands that are recommended by many nurses. Be sure to get a variety of sizes! 


Sensitive Wipes- Babies have sensitive bottoms! Be sure to get these sensitive wipes. 


Changing Pads- A changing table is great, but if you need something else for on the go, be sure to get these changing pads. 


Diaper Bag- Be sure to get yourself a diaper bag for on the go! 


Bath Time 

Baby Bath Tub- This bathtub converts to the different stages in their life. 


Hooded Towels- Baby gets cold! Hooded towels are a great way to keep a baby warm after bath time. 


Baby Wash- Babies have sensitive skin. Be sure to get shampoo and conditioner that is safe for their sensitive skin. 


Other Necessities 

Teething Toys - Teething is intense! We recommend these adorable teether toys


Activity Gym- This is sure to keep the baby entertained for a long time. Plus, we love the songs. 


Infant Tylenol- It is always a good idea to have infant tylenol on hand. Be sure to consult with a doctor before you give birth to your baby. 

Pacifier- Everyone has a difference of opinion here, but if you are wishing to use one, be sure to put it on your registry. 

As a caregiver in a child’s life, we know how much you value keeping them safe, healthy, and happy, Little Moy takes the health of your little one very seriously! All of our clothes are organically made and demonstrate the same level of love and devotion to our baby clothing as we do our company's values.