Keeping Healthy During Pregnancy

You just took a test, and lo and behold, it is positive! “Oh my goodness, I am going to have a baby! I am going to bring  into this world”. The excitement is unreal and you feel in a state of shock. Then, the shock begins to wear off and you are left with a million thoughts running through your head! 

“What next?” 

“What is a healthy diet for pregnancy?” 

“Why are prenatals important”

“Can I work out during pregnancy?” 

Sound familiar? Of course it does! Just know, you are not alone; almost every soon to be mom has the same questions when they find out they are expecting. 

Here are 5 ways you can keep healthy during pregnancy. 

Keeping Healthy During Pregnancy- Healthy Diet 

Did you know you only need an additional 300 calories per day during your first trimester? By the third trimester, you need an additional 600 calories. 

One way to keep healthy during pregnancy is to be sure you maintain a healthy diet. Yes, of course it is okay to give into your cravings occasionally but be conscious of how much you are consuming. On top of this, you want to ensure you are eating the protein and calcium that is needed to grow a healthy baby! 

Want to know what you should be eating each trimester? Check out “What To Expect”. 

Keeping Healthy During Pregnancy- Prenatal Vitamins 

Ah yes…prenatal vitamins! Those horse size pills that we all dread; but, the importance of prenatal cannot be underestimated! 

Taking these Prenatal Vitamins ensure that you are getting all of the key nutrients you need to have during pregnancy to help both you stay healthy and help your child develop. These nutrients include folic acid, calcium, and all of the vitamins you need! The nutrients in prenatals cannot be underestimated! 

Keeping Healthy During Pregnancy- Exercise Daily 

Keeping active during pregnancy is so important! One question we often see is, “Is lifting bad during pregnancy?” The typical answer is, whatever you did before pregnancy you can continue to do! So lift away! 

Don’t want to lift? Try walking! The benefits during pregnancy are often overlooked! Walking during pregnancy: 

  1. Helps burn calories 
  2. Reduces risks during labor 
  3. Keeps blood pressure low 
  4. Helps you sleep better 
  5. Helps with back pain 

So go get your walk in! 

Keeping Healthy During Pregnancy- Hydration 

A pregnant woman needs more hydration than the typical person; this is because the baby that they are growing is taking some of the nutrients and her blood volume increases. 

You should aim for at least 8 cups of water each day. If you do some sort of workout, this amount needs to increase as well. 

Keeping Healthy During Pregnancy- Prenatal Care Checkups 

Last but certainly not least, you need to be sure you go to your prenatal care checkups. Life gets busy and you often feel sick during pregnancy; but, these prenatal checkups are essential for both you and your baby. 

They check your blood pressure, ensure your weight is within range, check for infections, check the baby's heartbeat, and more! Make an effort to be sure you attend these appointments!

We applaud you for starting off your pregnancy healthy and setting your child up for a healthy lifestyle from the start! It is important to keep them healthy their whole life, Little Moy takes the health of your little one very seriously! All of our clothes are organically made and demonstrate the same level of love and devotion to our baby clothing as we do our company's values. 

*Disclosure- ALWAYS consult with your doctor before doing any of tips we have listed above*