Activities for Babies

Activities for babies

It is no secret that babies are tiring and demanding! They are new to this world and they are not quite sure how to navigate it yet and look to you to help! This means that when it is time for play, they look to you to entertain! 

I once talked to a mom who said “I felt like we just stared at each other! I had no idea what to do with my baby to entertain them!” After talking to that mom, I knew she was not alone and that there were many moms out there who were struggling with coming up with activities for their babies. 

That is why we compiled a list for you! Here are some activities you can do with your baby that are sure to not only keep them entertained but also teach them something along the way. 

Activities for Babies- Tummy Time 

We have all heard of tummy time! In fact, you might be thinking “if I hear someone day tummy time one more time, I am going to lose my mind”; but, the truth is, tummy time is so important for your baby and is a great activity to do. Not only will your baby learn how to stabilize their neck, learn to roll over, and learn to crawl; but tummy time also can help with gassy babies. Want to do even more? Put a water mat underneath baby or contrast cards! These will capture your child’s attention for sure. 

Activities for Babies- Sensory Activity 

Sensory Activities are a great way to allow your baby to not only have fun, but explore their senses more! Need some ideas? Try these! 

  • Make a bin full of jello and put toys at the bottom 

  • Put lights in a cardboard box and let them sit inside of it and touch

  • Make a bin full of sand and let baby play in it 

  • Give baby two water bottles and let them band them together and scrunch them 

  • Put rattles on babies feet to help them discover their toes 

  • Make a sensory board out of different textures 

Looking for a sensory activity that involves sound? Try out Rattles! Rattles are the perfect toy and activity to play with babies. You can shake the rattle and have the baby track it while you move it around their head, or, if your baby is older, you can have them hold the rattle and make sounds themself! 

Activities for Babies - Read a Book 

The benefits of reading a book to your child can never be underestimated! It helps babies learn communication, numbers, colors, listening, memory, shapes, vocabulary, and the list could go on. 

Not sure what to do with your child? Read a book! Make it extra fun by getting a book that is interactive! They have board books that have different textures on each page that the baby can touch while you read. 

Activities for Babies- Make Memorable Crafts

Go outside, put some trash bags out, and take out the paint! There is nothing more memorable than making cute crafts with your baby! You can do cute pictures with their feet and their hands! Best part? You can hang up their masterpiece and keep it as a keepsake forever. Here are a couple of our favorites: 

  • Love Decor

  • Goldfish

  • Lobster

  • Snowmen

  • Feet

Activities for Babies- Finger Puppets 

Finger Puppets are another great way to enjoy time with your baby. Have a conversation with your baby with the finger puppets! It is a great way to introduce vocabulary such as animals, colors, and basic words like “hello”. 

Want to add even more fun? You can make the finger puppets yourself and have your baby help! Have them hand you cotton balls while you make the puppet! 

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