How to Dress Newborn in the Winter

How to dress a Newborn in the Winter

*Please consult a doctor before using any of these tips 

Brrrrrr! It is that time of year where just looking outside makes you start to shiver! As a new mom, it can be stressful to figure out how to dress your precious newborn. For the last nine months, they were nice and warm 24/7; now, it is up to you to ensure they stay warm. 

There is so much advice out there, and it can all get a little stressful. Baby winter dress is hard!  I remember once I was talking to a new mom and she said “I didn't know what the heck to dress my child in! It felt like there were different rules for when they went outside, when they slept, and when they were just sitting around the house and my baby ended up looking like the kid off of The Christmas Story”” 

We have all been there! So, I have compiled a list of the essentials! Here is what you need to know about dressing your newborn in the winter months. 

Dressing Your Newborn in the Winter Months- Outdoors  

When in doubt, think layers. Babies get cold, and a newborn has never been outside of your warm womb. Start off with the following for your baby: 

  • Nice warm long sleeves and long pants outfit.
  • A hat for your baby’s head 
  • Socks and booties for your baby’s feet 
  • Gloves for your baby’s hands 
    • Pro tip- I always keep an extra pair of socks with me– when in a bind, they can be used for gloves. 
  • A jacket 
  • A warm blanket to put over them 

It is always easier to take off layers if your baby gets too hot. If it is windy, ensure that your baby’s face is not cold. They have weather guards that you can put around your carrier; however, please be careful with what you put over your baby. This can restrict airflow; please consult with your doctor. 

Dressing Your Newborn in the Winter Months- Sleep 

Bedtime seems to be the source of stress for parents everywhere! One of those stresses comes from not knowing what to dress your newborn in. They cannot have blankets, stuffed animals, or pillows; so, how can we ensure that they are warm and comfortable

  • Keep the temperature in your home between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Do not over bundle! Believe it or not, babies actually run warm! Even if their hands and feet feel cool, they are most likely comfortable.
  • Put them in a warm, snug-fit sleeper
  • You can put on a sleep hat if your doctor approves. 
  • Swaddles and wearable sleep blankets are great for an extra layer 
    • NEVER put loose bedding or blankets on your baby without consulting a doctor. 

Dressing Your Newborn in the Winter Months- Car 

Another source of stress for parents in the winter time is to dress your baby for the car. Believe it or not, there is not much you need to do for children to be warm in a car. In fact, you should never have a coat or extra clothing on a child when putting them in a car seat; instead, here are our tips:  

  • Take them out of a jacket before putting them in the car 
  • Start the car and have the heater running before bring your baby in the car 
  • Put a hat on your baby 
  • Be sure your baby has socks on 
  • You may put a small receiving blanket over your baby’s legs 

There you have it! Exactly how you can dress your Newborn in the winter months. Looking for some warm clothes to dress your child in? Little Moy has you covered! All of our clothes are organically made and demonstrate the same level of love and devotion to our baby clothing as we do our company's values.