Tips For Traveling With Baby During Covid

Covid-19…..if you are like me, you are SO tired of hearing and dealing with covid. 

In the beginning, we heard “during these unprecedented times” so often, but now, there is nothing unprecedented about Covid. Unfortunately, it is something we have to learn to live with, at least for the foreseeable future. 

Having a baby is difficult as it is; add in Covid-19 and it is quite a terrifying time to be a new parent. With the nicer weather here and some restrictions lifted, more and more people are beginning to travel again. 

The question comes, how can we travel with our baby safely? Here are our top tips for traveling with a baby during Covid. 

Tips For Traveling With Baby During Covid- Flying

Food and Snacks 

Babies and toddlers eat…..a lot! When flying, there are limited options for these kids to eat; so you want to plan in advance. 

If your baby is still taking bottles, you want to prepare them and get them used to taking room temperature bottles before you go on your trip. This will ensure less fuss and a happier baby. 

If your child is now taking solid foods, it can be a bit more difficult. Children like to drop their food and then put those germ infested foods in their mouth. To prevent this as much as possible, you want to pack foods that are easily held or come in a pack. These Pouches are a perfect solution. 


Similar to food, babies like to be entertained. The problem? They drop their toys…..alot and then put them in their mouth. During Covid times, this is enough to make anyone cringe. 

When packing toys, you want toys that will not fall easily. This busy board is a perfect example of a fun toy that takes up little space and not likely to fall on the dirty floors. Looking for a toy for a young baby? Try one of Little Moy's handmade creative toys! They are sure to keep them engaged! 

Cleaning Supplies 

If you are looking for my number one tip…it is to pack cleaning supplies. Planes can be dirty, so you want to be prepared for anything! Here are some that we recommend. 

  1. Disinfecting wipes 
  2. Hand sanitizer 
  3. Masks 
  4. Lysol spray 
  5. Binki wipes 

Tips For Traveling With Baby During Covid- Driving 

If you are looking for a safer way to travel, driving is certainly less risky; however, you still need to be prepared. 

Cleaning Supplies 

While traveling, your baby or toddler will need to have time to get out of the car and stretch their legs, possibly use the restroom, and stop to eat. You want to be sure you have disinfecting wipes nearby for scenarios where you have to sterilize an area. 

On the same topic, you also want to ensure you have hand sanitizer on hand so you can ensure your child has clean hands before eating. 

Be sure to also pack masks, just in case you find yourself in an area where you need a mask. 

When to Drive 

Want to drive to limit the exposure your baby gets to Covid? One hesitancy could be that driving takes longer and it is hard to keep a child/baby entertained during this time. 

That is exactly why timing when you will be driving is vital. If you drive at night, your baby will be asleep for a significant amount of the time. You could then spend the day touring the area you find yourself in and spending quality time with each other. Of course, this is not possible for everyone, but it is an option. 


Traveling with a baby can be hard! Add in traveling during Covid and you may feel a bit overwhelmed. We hope these tips for traveling with a baby during covid help you feel more confident and enjoy your trip. 

As a caregiver in a child’s life, we know how much you value keeping them safe, healthy, and happy, Little Moy takes the health of your little one very seriously! All of our clothes are organically made and demonstrate the same level of love and devotion to our baby clothing as we do our company's values.