Activities for Toddlers

Toddlers….just when you think you have the whole baby thing down pat, you have a toddler on your hands and you feel like you are back to square one!

“‘I call my child the energizer bunny! She just keeps going and going and going! She never runs out of energy! What can I do to entertain her?” This was a question a recent mom asked me. After she asked, I realized, as a new mom, I also was so overwhelmed with the idea of entertaining a toddler! 

Here are five activities for toddlers that you can use to always keep that toddler of yours entertained! 

Activities for Toddlers- Outdoor Play

It is no secret that a little vitamin D is good for the soul! Get outside as much as possible and enjoy the fresh air with your toddler. Not only will they run around and burn off some of that extra energy, but they will also learn about nature, and colors, and feel like they are on an adventure. Here are some activities for toddlers that you can do outside. 

  • Go to the park 
  • Scavenger Hunt 
  • Play in a sandbox 
  • Go for a walk 
  • Make an obstacle course

The options are endless outdoors, use your imagination and have some fun! 

Activities for Toddlers- Indoor Play

Raining outside and need some activities for toddlers that can be done indoors? We hear you! It can be so challenging being stuck inside with an energetic toddler! Here are some of our favorite indoor activities that are sure to keep your toddler engaged. 

  • Create Playdough! We all know about the playdough you can buy, but making it is two activities in one! You can make it and then play with it! 
  • Make a mask out of paper plates 
  • Read some board books  
  • Have a dance party 
  • Put glow sticks in the bathtub 

There is so much fun that can be done indoors! Have fun with your little one. 

Activities for Toddlers- Independent Play Time

There are not only amazing benefits of independent play, but it also gives us parents (or grandparents) much needed “me” time. So what are some activities your toddler can do? Look no further! 

  • Stack some blocks 
  • Make a fort and let them play in it 
  • Give them toy cars 
  • Play with baby dolls
  • Stuffed Animal play 
  • Draw a picture 
  • Paint

Most importantly, let them use their imagination! They have some amazingly fun ideas! 

Activities for Toddlers- Make Some Memories 

Is there anything better than having fun with your toddler and making a keepsake at the same time? Here are some cute memories you can make with your toddler. 

  • Make cookies and practice shapes! 
  • Bake a cake 
  • Make finger paint art 
  • Draw a picture for a loved one 
  • Make paper plate animals 
  • Do handprint and footprint pictures 

You toddler is sure to have a blast with these activities! 

Activities for Toddlers- Sensory Bin

Who doesn’t love a sensory bin? Sensory bins are a great way to allow your toddler to not only independently play, but explore their senses at the same time! An added plus? They are so easy to make! Sensory Bins can be made with almost any household object! Here are some common items you can use in your sensory bin: 

The list could go on forever! So go make yourself one and enjoy play while learning! 

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